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Fountain Valley, California Beats Water Reduction Goal with Sensus Technology
The smart water network alerts the city to high volume users and allows them to work closely with those customers to find ways to use water more efficiently.


Integrated Three-State Valve in New Sensus ally Water Meter is a Game Changer

When utilities deploy the new ally water meter from Sensus, they’ll turn what was once a measuring device into a virtual member of their team.


Little Egg Harbor Builds Customer Trust through Sensus Technology
Sensus technology empowers Little Egg Harbor to build trust with customers by alerting them via email, text or phone to water leaks and other issues before damage occurs.


Easton Suburban Water Authority Named 500th Sensus Software as a Service Customer
With Software as a Service from Sensus, Easton Suburban Water Authority is able to focus on its core mission: providing quality water and service at a reasonable rate.


Berkeley County Water & Sanitation Takes Big Leap Forward with Big Data from Sensus
Every month, Berkeley County Water & Sanitation (BCWS) connects more than 100 new customers. That’s a lot of data points, and when the utility moved from manual meter readings to remote readings, the amount of information grew even more.


City of Evans Reduces Estimated Meter Reads by 94 Percent with Sensus

To update its system and improve customer service, the utility turned to Sensus for a smart water network, including the FlexNet communication network, and iPERL and OMNI water meters.


Southern California Utility Targets 32 Percent Water Reduction with Sensus Technology
Southern California’s Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) relies on a smart water network from Sensus to meet state-mandated water conservation goals.


Impacted by Drought, City of San Bruno, California Leverages Sensus Technology to Improve Customer Service and Save Water
San Bruno implements a two-pronged approach to tackling drought: mandated conservation efforts and a smart water network from Sensus.


Drought-Fighting Fountain Valley, California Uses Sensus Technology to Save Water
The City of Fountain Valley, CA conserves water, prevents leaks and combats drought with smart water technology from Sensus.


Sensus Launches Smart Gateway Technology for Utilities to Manage Operations—Even in Hard to Reach Areas

Sensus Smart Gateway will help public service providers retrieve more data on their system’s operational performance from all locations in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Eugene Water & Electric
Eugene Water & Electric Board Continues its Commitment to Customers with Sensus FlexNet Communication Network
EWEB leverages customer data to monitor usage and notify customers at the onset of a water leak, saving water and money.


Earth Day 2015
Earth Day 2015: Sensus Smart Water Networks Can Help Fight California Drought
As California battles one of the most severe droughts on record, Sensus encourages public service providers to invest in proven technologies that will increase the state’s water efficiency and ultimately save water.


Sensus Managed Services
Sensus Customers Tap into FlexNet System Optimization with Managed Services
With Managed Services, customers can reduce IT and operational costs, lessen risk through disaster recovery and system configuration, increase security and availability and accelerate time to market with new technologies.


Fountain Valley, California Beats Water Reduction Goal with Sensus Technology

Dried up reservoirs, cracked dirt and empty swimming pools are just a few of the visual reminders of the ongoing California drought. But what most people don’t see is the water providers, like Mark Sprague at the City of Fountain Valley, working tirelessly to keep the water running.


Little Egg Harbor Builds Customer Trust through Sensus Technology

Imagine it’s winter in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey and temperatures drop to the low twenties by sundown. Summery, beach weather is nowhere to be seen in this coastal town and most residents have fled to warmer temperatures until summer returns. Water pipes can’t flock to warmer temperatures though, and while homeowners are gone, pipes can easily freeze and burst.


Easton Suburban Water Authority Saves $85,000 a Year with Sensus Software as a Service
Easton Suburban Water Authority (ESWA) is in the business of providing water to its customers, not managing technology. One summer, Technology Manager Tim Ryan had enough with focusing valuable time and resources on the utility’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) IT network and servers. Instead of devoting their attention to improving customer service, employees were managing IT issues. And when the servers went down, personnel flocked to fix them.


Berkeley County Water & Sanitation Takes Big Leap Forward with Big Data from Sensus
Berkeley County Water & Sanitation (BCWS) has moved from manual meter reads to remote readings that happen with the push of a button. The result? Massive amounts of data but no clear view into how to use it to benefit its more than 24,000 customers and better plan for tomorrow.


City of Evans, CO Reduces Estimated Meter Reads by 94 Percent
It’s billing time at the City of Evans, Colorado water department. For the past 14 years, Randy, an Evans technician, has devoted days out of every month to drive the streets and read each of the city’s 6,500 water meters. Despite Randy’s hard work and long hours, the reads aren’t always accurate because the aging meters estimate the data. Plus, the process takes so long that there’s often not enough time to review the data before the bill goes out the door.


Etowah Water & Sewer Authority Partners with Sensus for Successful Smart Water Network
“The benefits of the Sensus solution are incredible. The accuracy of the iPERL meter is second to none, as is the range of FlexNet, with some of our meters registering from eight miles away in hilly terrain. You simply cannot top those capabilities.” – Brooke Anderson, General Manager


Borough of Monaca Adds Another Brick in its Road to Sustainability
“To sustain our conservation efforts, we not only have to talk the talk in educating our municipalities, but we have to walk the walk by doing. We truly believe the Sensus technology has paid for itself.” – Mario Leone Jr., Borough Manager


Redwood City Leverages FlexNet Communications Network for Innovative Conservation Program
“We benefit by the water savings and our customers benefit by the monetary savings. We are truly building a great community together.” – Justin Ezell, former Water Superintendent


Kennebec, Maine Water District Deploys Fixed-Base Network and Composite Smart Water Meters
“With the system, we were alerted to abnormal hourly usage data and the customer had what turned out to be a leaky toilet resulting in the loss of hundreds of cubic feet of water.” – Mike O’Brien, Customer Service Manager


Building Intelligence Into Water Metering
New Technologies Can Reduce Energy Consumption and Operating Costs for Water Utilities, While Improving Revenue and Performance


Taking Measure of Advanced Water Metering Technologies
Advancements in water metrology help capture more revenue, provide business intelligence, reduce costs, and protect natural water resources.


Increase Revenue with New Commercial Metering Technology
Discover how the Sensus OMNI™ water meter family addresses commercial water customer’s needs and drives increased revenue.


Meters Mean More
“To do something about the drought and to try and do something about conservation, you’ve got to have information.” – Dan Pinney, Director of Global Water Marketing for Sensus